MedHums 101


About the Project

MedHums 101 explores foundational concepts within critical medical and health humanities scholarship. It seeks to introduce, revisit and unpack some of the core topics, approaches, historical points and critical debates that make up this complex interdisciplinary field. It is led by associate editor Aly Fixter.

Launched in July 2022, the project has amassed a variety of compelling articles, covering areas such as the
history of the medical humanities, the role of critical theory and analysis, and the importance of rhetoric in studies of medical education and history.

Vision and Ethos

With its diverse audience and global reach, The Polyphony often attracts readers who are new to the medical humanities as a field. The MedHums 101 project seeks to make the most of this opportunity to raise awareness of critical medical and health humanities scholarship and to increase the accessibility of the discipline. By publishing articles demystifying, clarifying and developing areas of study and research, the project aims to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for readers both within and without academia, offering the crucial insights of the field to a wider audience of stakeholders.

The project also offers a space in which established and emerging scholars can have a say in [re]defining the developing field/s of the critical medical and health humanities in the dramatically changed and changing healthcare landscape of the 2020s.

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