Queering Medical Humanities


About the project 

Queering MedHums seeks to introduce critical queer perspectives to medical humanities research. This project focuses on intersectional approaches that move beyond identitarian framings, positionalities and politics within the medical humanities. The project is led by associate editor Chase Ledin. 

Vision and ethos

Queering MedHums contributes to The Polyphony’s core aim of proliferating multiple voices, especially from marginalised authors, writers and thinkers within dominant medical humanities discussions. The project seeks to centralise issues of social justice, anti- or post-identitarian politics and positionalities, equity and inclusion, and processes of marginalisation within research practice, process and publication(s). It also creates a space for authors to articulate critical perspectives about the intersections of race, disability, age and class, gender and sexuality, and other social perspectives that inform both the production of knowledge and claims made in the making of knowledge(s).

We are keen to receive contributions that offer insights into processes, positionalities, distractions, disruptions, and/or methodological transformations that might be enabled by a queer(ing) medical humanities, including exploratory insights into applying interdisciplinary approaches, practice-based interventions, reflections about lived experience, and/or (auto)-theoretical or ethnographic studies. 

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