Multilingual Medical Humanities


About the project

Multilingual MedHums seeks to showcase the development of medical humanities research beyond the anglosphere. It reflects on the contributions of non-anglophone countries to the growth of the wider field and questions the dominant understanding of English as the lingua franca of the medical humanities. The project is led by associate editor Jordan McCullough.


Vision and ethos

Multilingual MedHums contributes to The Polpyhony’s ongoing aim of challenging the anglocentric nature of much medical humanities scholarship by showcasing the work of scholars based in and working on non-anglophone countries. The project seeks to expand dominant understandings of the field by introducing readers, who may not be familiar with them, to the cultures of medical humanities research developing beyond the anglosphere.

In an effort to more richly entangle discussions of multilingualism in the medical humanities, we are particularly keen to receive contributions that offer insights from the Global South. We are also keen to develop genuinely multilingual editorial practices, which give rightful attention to the languages on which and through which our contributors work.

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