medical imaging

The (in)visibility of human tissue (journey of a dermatological mole)

How does technological innovation in the medical field give rise to new and expert ‘ways of seeing’? Researchers Jojanneke Drogt and Megan Milota, working in collaboration with pathologist Shoko Vos, trace the journey of a dermatological mole ‘in’ and ‘out’ of visibility to reveal different modes of ‘perceiving’ in relation to medical images.

Becoming an Image

Being a patient today increasingly means being an image. Liz Orton’s new artist’s book, Every Body is an Archive, takes the medical image as a site of critical enquiry to explore questions of ownership, language and power within the clinical encounter. Polyphony editor Fiona Johnstone met with Liz Orton to talk about the book, the centrality of image-making to medical practice, and how right now is a radical moment for the clinical gaze.