NNMHR 4th Annual Congress 2021

The (in)visibility of human tissue (journey of a dermatological mole)

How does technological innovation in the medical field give rise to new and expert ‘ways of seeing’? Researchers Jojanneke Drogt and Megan Milota, working in collaboration with pathologist Shoko Vos, trace the journey of a dermatological mole ‘in’ and ‘out’ of visibility to reveal different modes of ‘perceiving’ in relation to medical images.

Medical Humanities in a time of broken-heartedness: an interview with Felicity Callard

The Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research will host their 4th Annual Congress online from 21–23 April 2021. The Polyphony has been delighted to publish interviews with all four keynote speakers in the build-up to the Congress. In this final week before Congress, Congress organiser Ruben Verwaal talks to Felicity Callard, Professor of Human Geography at Glasgow University.

Deafness, History, and Material Culture: Introducing Jaipreet Virdi

Jaipreet Virdi is a historian of medicine, technology, and disability. Her book ‘Hearing Happiness (2020) combines her personal story with academic research, raising pivotal questions about deafness in American society. The Polyphony interviewed Virdi in advance of her keynote at the Northern Network for Medical Humanities 4th Annual Congress in April 2021.