Bloomsbury’s “Critical Interventions in the Medical and Health Humanities” Book Series

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Readers and authors of The Polyphony will welcome the launch of Bloomsbury’s new book series Critical Interventions in the Medical and Health Humanities. The series focuses on investigating how knowledge in the Arts and Humanities engages, complicates or refutes biomedical modes, encompassing research in Literary and Cultural Studies, History of Medicine, Gender Studies, Bioethics, Primary Health Care, Health Sciences and Psychiatry. Through monographs, shorter provocations and edited collections it will publish innovative and ambitious works which offer critical interventions in the field of Medical and Health Humanities and explore intersections with other interdisciplinary areas, including Cognitive Humanities, Environmental Humanities, Animal Studies and Digital Humanities.

The series is edited by Stuart Murray, Sowon Park, Corinne Saunders and The Polyphony’s founding editor Angela Woods. Further details are available on the Critical Interventions in the Medical and Health Humanities Flyer and proposals should be directed to the publisher Ben Doyle.

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