The ripples from a rich and rare pebble

Having also attended the Roots and Wings finale event, I couldn’t have put it better than Mike White in his recent post! thank you Mike. As evaluator of the Chickenley Roots and Wings project for two significant stretches of its […]

Settling in. . .

Christina Ingram writes from Fremantle: Week Two – Settling In This week we discussed with David and Chris our program. Talking through what enjoyed and we didn’t where we felt we were gaining valuable experience and where we felt we […]

A Dictionary of Feelings

James Allott’s latest post from Fremantle: While looking through my journal for blog content, I realised I’d written a lot about how I’ve felt throughout the exchange thus far. It’s good for both my professional and personal development. I then […]

The Latest from Fremantle

James Allott, writing from Fremantle: And so the third week of our exchange begins. Each week has felt quite unique- with each week our experience becomes richer as we delve deeper into the arts and health work here at Dadaa […]