The Polyphony regularly posts reviews of books, exhibitions and events that fall within the broad remit of the medical humanities, and we are always on the lookout for new reviewers and recommendations.


Information for Potential Reviewers

Anyone who wishes to contribute a review to The Polyphony should contact a member of the editorial team using the form below.

We retain a small number of books which are available for review. In addition, we actively encourage contributors to suggest books, exhibitions or events which they could then review for us on The Polyphony. We have strong connections with various academic presses, and we are often able to source complimentary review-copies of books for contributors.

We typically ask for reviews to be completed within eight weeks and to be c. 1000-1500 (2000max) words in length. No special qualification is required to review for The Polyphony, though it is important that reviewers have a broad awareness of the medical humanities and the context in which a book, exhibition or event has been produced.


Information for Authors and Publishers 

We are also happy to consider any book that falls within the broad remit of the medical humanities for review on The Polyphony. Our selection of reviewers aims to solicit opinions from within and beyond the authors’ own academic discipline. If you are an author or publisher would like to propose a book of your own for review, please contact us using the form below.



Please use the form below to make a suggestion or offer to be a reviewer.