Fred Spence (they/them)

I completed my Wellcome-funded PhD in English Literature at the University of Glasgow in 2021. My project brought Scottish studies and the medical humanities into dialogue. It examined how the controversial public health term the ‘Glasgow effect’ was used in the press, and how contemporary Scottish literature represents the stigmatised health issues (around mental distress, alcohol, diet and body weight) associated with the ‘Glasgow effect’. In 2021, I worked on the depiction of health care professionals and institutions of care in the National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive during a public engagement internship.

I am one of the founding editors of The Polyphony and was Editor in Chief from January 2021 to June 2022. I’m keen to publish artist, activist, patient/service user, carer and practitioner voices alongside academic perspectives. I’m particularly interested in provocations or more personal, exploratory pieces that reflect on our processes, challenges, failures, motivations and experiences across the medical humanities. I’m also interested in building community and creating dialogue, and so welcome interviews, reviews and responses.

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