Jen Allan (she/her)

Jen Allan is a clinically trained doctor, writer, and academic with a background in the medical humanities and psychology. In 2020, she completed a MA in Health Humanities at UCL, for which her thesis examined languages of encounter between the living and the dead in the unspeakable catastrophe of mass death and disappearance. She is currently working as a junior clinical fellow in A&E, in addition to a part-time RA post with the UCL Grand Challenges Inquiry on the Case for the Humanities. Jen is keen to publish work from a broad range of voices — academic, clinical, and creative alike — in order to explore different perspectives of health and illness. Her particular interests include but are not limited to: the history of ancient medicine and mental health; stigma, shame, and epistemic injustice in illness; intimacy and desire; monstrosity and monster theory; and the anthropology of death and mourning rituals.

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