Grace Brimacombe-Rand (she/her)

Grace is a PhD researcher in English at King’s College London, with a MSc in Literature and Modernity from the University of Edinburgh and a BA in English from Durham University. Her research investigates the representation of chronic pain and sexual violence in contemporary women’s writing, exploring the relationship between marginalised bodies and contemporary society across both her critical work in the feminist medical humanities and her own creative practice in prose and poetry. She welcomes reviewers working on any topic across the medical humanities, particularly those written from lived experience of illness and disability.

Grace’s interdisciplinary approach champions the integration of TV and Film, theatre and visual art as mediums through which key research areas in the medical humanities can be explored, and she encourages reviewers to look at the way debates centering bodies, health, illness and caretaking can be explored through facets of the contemporary. Stylistically, Grace is open to reviews taking any form the reviewer feels is the most expansive for them, and is particularly interested in practice research, championing work from creative practitioners across all mediums, including prose, poetry and the visual arts.