Mapping the Medical Legacies of British Colonialism

Reflecting on her recent fellowship at Art HX, researcher Shelley Angelie Saggar traces how objects and photographs recall the medical legacies of British colonialism, as well as her own family history.  

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Nature’s Medicine: Could Green Prescribing Shape the Future of our Health?

Shauna Walker contextualises the UK government's recent investment in 'green social prescribing.'

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From Menstruation to the Menopause: Book Review

Jemma Walton reviews From Menstruation to the Menopause: The Female Fertility Cycle in Contemporary Women’s Writing in French, by Maria Kathryn Tomlinson (Liverpool University Press, 2021).

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Sensitive Subjects Pt. 2: Creative Practice and Ethics in Times of Loss

Olivia Turner reflects on the Sensitive Subjects: Creative Practice and Ethics workshop she organised at Newcastle University, turning to issues around bereavement and grief.

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Recent Posts

Marginalisation and the Microbe Conference Poster

Marginalisation & the Microbe Conference

Eleanor Kashouris reports on the 2022 Marginalisation and the Microbe Conference at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. The Marginalisation & the Microbe conference took place in late November 2022 as part of a Wellcome

A view from high up of three small dwellings with corrugated roofs

Reproductive Trauma Narratives from Rural India

Manali Karmakar draws on the illness narratives of three women from rural India to showcase how caste, gender, and sociocultural and geographical location strongly shape reproductive health and well-being.

Imagination in the Archives of Mental Health Law

Reflecting upon the assumptions we make when dealing with legal documents, historian Janet Weston questions the ever-important role of the imagination for those working in archives of mental health law. Imagination always plays a

A brightly coloured kaleidoscopic image

Through the Kaleidoscope: Creative Writing in Healthcare Education

Roshni Beeharry considers the multitude of ways creative writing practice contributes to a well-rounded healthcare education.

A Gift of Wellbeing from the Autistic Paradigm

How may individuals with sensory acuity and struggling with fear and anxiety be encouraged to participate more in social activities? Dawn-joy Leong reimagines conducive spaces for all, inspired by natural Autistic ways of coping with and responding to hypersensitivity.

Cover image of Joanna Ingham's 2022 poetry collection "Ovarium"

Finding Poetry in Gynaecology

Joanna Ingham reflects on her experience of ovarian health and using poetry to explore illness, bodies, and grief. MRI Because I am asked so often if I have metal in my body, and I

Poetry, epistemic justice and exploring the potential of connectivity

Reflecting on her four-decade nursing career, Sue Spencer uses poetry to explore justice, values and change. I read an earlier version of this poem at an event I organised that “celebrated” 40 years since

New Editors

To kick off 2023, The Polyphony is pleased to welcome three new associate editors to our team: Alexander Henry, Jordan McCullough, and Eva Surawy Stepney. Alex will join the Reviews team and Jordan and

A map of 'The Zine House' showing five rooms, plus garden and balcony, each filled with a collage image. Top row (l-r) shows the bedroom, the bathroom and the balcony. Bottom (l-r) shows the living room, hallway, kitchen and, outside, the garden.

In the Zine House: The Hallway and the Balcony

In the final part of Lea Cooper’s series about zines in the medical humanities, we move through the Hallway and out onto the Balcony to consider zines, libraries and research.