Psychiatry and the Arts in Historical Perspective

Rosemary Golding discusses the context behind setting up the Psychiatry and the Arts in Nineteenth-Century Britain (PAN) Network and their work up to date.

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Mental Health Memoirs in the Indian Medical Humanities Classroom

Sree Lekshmi M S and Aratrika Das reflect on the value of incorporating mental health memoirs within the Indian medical humanities classroom.

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Massively Disabled 1: Welcome to Base Camp

In the first post of an ongoing monthly series on The Polyphony exploring podcasting practice in the medical humanities, Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril introduces “Massively Disabled: A Long COVID Research Podcast” and welcomes you behind the scenes and into the bunker…

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Colonialism as a Tool for Investigation in Healthcare

MedHums 101: The concept of colonialism can solve problems of intersectionality in medical humanities research, says Samuel Yosef.

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Recent Posts

Nature’s Medicine: Could Green Prescribing Shape the Future of our Health?

Shauna Walker contextualises the UK government's recent investment in 'green social prescribing.'

From Menstruation to the Menopause: Book Review

Jemma Walton reviews From Menstruation to the Menopause: The Female Fertility Cycle in Contemporary Women’s Writing in French, by Maria Kathryn Tomlinson (Liverpool University Press, 2021).

A dreamy image in blue inks that seems to represent a seascape with a cetacean flipping its tail in the water

Sensitive Subjects Pt. 2: Creative Practice and Ethics in Times of Loss

Olivia Turner reflects on the Sensitive Subjects: Creative Practice and Ethics workshop she organised at Newcastle University, turning to issues around bereavement and grief.

Book cover of Neil Gibson's "Therapeutic Photography"

Exploring and Enhancing Wellbeing through Therapeutic Photography

Neil Gibson reflects on therapeutic photography and self-esteem as part of a workshop delivered at the June 2023 Scottish Medical Humanities Conference

Continental Philosophy of Psychiatry: The Lure of Madness Book Review

Lorna Collins reviews Continental Philosophy of Psychiatry: The Lure of Madness by Alastair Morgan (Springer, 2022).

Lunar Chronicles: Belief and Bodies in Pain

In this highly personal piece Deepsikha Dasgupta recounts the intersection between lunar phases and the arthritic pain experienced by women in her family.

A collage image of an old-fashioned set of scales over typed text

Sensitive Subjects Pt. 1: Consent in Creative Practice Research

In the first of three articles for The Polyphony, Olivia Turner reflects on ethics in creative practice research in the critical medical humanities, following a workshop she organised at Newcastle University. She begins with the issue of consent.

Recalibrating Stigma

Gareth Thomas, Tanisha Spratt, Oli Williams, and Amy Chandler reflect on the 2023 symposium: Recalibrating Stigma, Sociological Perspectives on Health and Illness.

Blood Bags craft project

Hematopolitics: Blood, Space and Time

Thomas Wadsworth reports on the Hematopolitics Symposium held at the University of Leeds in May 2022