Psychiatry and the Arts in Historical Perspective

Rosemary Golding discusses the context behind setting up the Psychiatry and the Arts in Nineteenth-Century Britain (PAN) Network and their work up to date.

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Mental Health Memoirs in the Indian Medical Humanities Classroom

Sree Lekshmi M S and Aratrika Das reflect on the value of incorporating mental health memoirs within the Indian medical humanities classroom.

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Massively Disabled 1: Welcome to Base Camp

In the first post of an ongoing monthly series on The Polyphony exploring podcasting practice in the medical humanities, Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril introduces “Massively Disabled: A Long COVID Research Podcast” and welcomes you behind the scenes and into the bunker…

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Colonialism as a Tool for Investigation in Healthcare

MedHums 101: The concept of colonialism can solve problems of intersectionality in medical humanities research, says Samuel Yosef.

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Recent Posts

Considering Uncertainty in the History of Psychiatry

Pressing historians to attach weight to expressions of professional uncertainty and critique in twentieth-century psychiatry, Sarah Phelan makes a case for studying overlooked historical figures within psychiatric history.

Media and the Mind: Book Review

Heather Meek reviews Matthew Daniel Eddy’s Media and the Mind: Art, Science, and Notebooks as Paper Machines, 1700-1830 (University of Chicago Press, 2022).

Medizinische Geisteswissenschaften, Sciences humaines en médecine, Scienze umane mediche: Medical Humanities in Switzerland

Marc Keller considers the establishment of medical humanities in Switzerland as a diverse and institutionally open field and asks where the untapped potential of this multilingual country might lie.

Madness, Control and Agency in Video Games

Researcher Rebecca Milton explores the unique ability of interactive video games to represent experiences of Madness

A glass of milk splashing upwards against a black background

The Many Lives of Milk at the Wellcome Collection

Lauren Cantos visits and reviews ‘Milk’, an exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, 30 March – 10 September 2023.

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Toward a queer, feminist, posthuman analysis of AMR and bioethics

Tiia Sudenkaarne locates a lacuna in moral theory and demonstrates the need for a new and intersectional queer, feminist and posthuman approach to understanding antimicrobial resistance

A photo of a museum display case. Visible is a handwritten A4 notebook page and a smaller piece of paper next to it with brightly coloured handwriting: 'Tell stories filled with facts. Make people touch and taste and know. Make people feel! feel! feel!'

Sensitive Subjects Pt. 3: Acknowledging Complexity in Creative Practice Ethics

Olivia Turner explores the need for ‘ethical curatorial practices’ that ‘inherently question power dynamics’ through George Vasey’s talk, Curating Complexity, and his time as Curator at the Wellcome Collection

Affecting Healing through Exorcism: Cases from Contemporary Japan

Andrea De Antoni explores experiences of spirit possession and healing through exorcism, by focusing on situated affects and interactions.

Mapping the Medical Legacies of British Colonialism

Reflecting on her recent fellowship at Art HX, researcher Shelley Angelie Saggar traces how objects and photographs recall the medical legacies of British colonialism, as well as her own family history.