Mental Health Memoirs in the Indian Medical Humanities Classroom

Sree Lekshmi M S and Aratrika Das reflect on the value of incorporating mental health memoirs within the Indian medical humanities classroom.

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Massively Disabled 1: Welcome to Base Camp

In the first post of an ongoing monthly series on The Polyphony exploring podcasting practice in the medical humanities, Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril introduces “Massively Disabled: A Long COVID Research Podcast” and welcomes you behind the scenes and into the bunker…

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Colonialism as a Tool for Investigation in Healthcare

MedHums 101: The concept of colonialism can solve problems of intersectionality in medical humanities research, says Samuel Yosef.

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Reading Bodies in European Literatures and Cultures

Katharine Murphy introduces her new project, “Reading Bodies”, and reflects on what languages and non-anglophone literature, particularly from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, have to offer the field.

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Mindmap representing steps of the musical movement

Understanding the Cancer Patient Perspective Through Music

John Saganty explores the role of music in representing and experiencing the cancer patient perspective

Shane Strachan stands in front of his poem printed on the hospital wall

Art in Hospitals: Potentials and Pitfalls

Shane Strachan reflects on the creation, installation and facilitation of arts-based interventions in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The critical medical humanities is a relatively young field, which has repeatedly demonstrated how artist interventions within biomedicine

Munnabhai MBBS (2003) and the Germination of Medical Humanities in India

Shrishti Dey, Anandita Saraswat and Aratrika Das reflect upon the need to assimilate a humanistic understanding of medicine into the landscape of Indian healthcare through Rajkumar Hirani’s 2003 film Munnabhai MBBS.

Camera lens in front of a scenic lake

Documentary filming as research practice

Ekiyokere Ekiye explores the use of documentary filmmaking for medical humanities research practice.

The Creativity of Autistic Students in the Arts and Humanities

Alex Chand, Rebecca Lewis and Anna Stenning highlight the role of autistic students in dispelling myths about both autism and the epistemic authority of the arts and humanities.

Jack Moyse, You and I. Ffotogallery Cardiff.

Fiona Johnstone reviews an exhibition of photographic works by Jack Moyse, a young artist living with muscular dystrophy.

Cover of Schaffer's Communities of Care

Communities of Care: The Social Ethics of Victorian Fiction Book Review

Sophie Ritson reviews Communities of Care: The Social Ethics of Victorian Fiction by Talia Schaffer (Princeton UP, 2021).

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We’re hiring!

The Polyphony is seeking a Reviews Editor to join our dynamic editorial team. Applications close 10 November 2023.

Considering Uncertainty in the History of Psychiatry

Pressing historians to attach weight to expressions of professional uncertainty and critique in twentieth-century psychiatry, Sarah Phelan makes a case for studying overlooked historical figures within psychiatric history.