Mental Health Memoirs in the Indian Medical Humanities Classroom

Sree Lekshmi M S and Aratrika Das reflect on the value of incorporating mental health memoirs within the Indian medical humanities classroom.

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Massively Disabled 1: Welcome to Base Camp

In the first post of an ongoing monthly series on The Polyphony exploring podcasting practice in the medical humanities, Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril introduces “Massively Disabled: A Long COVID Research Podcast” and welcomes you behind the scenes and into the bunker…

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Colonialism as a Tool for Investigation in Healthcare

MedHums 101: The concept of colonialism can solve problems of intersectionality in medical humanities research, says Samuel Yosef.

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Reading Bodies in European Literatures and Cultures

Katharine Murphy introduces her new project, “Reading Bodies”, and reflects on what languages and non-anglophone literature, particularly from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, have to offer the field.

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Recent Posts

Front and back of man wrapped in bandages

A Year in Review 2023

Editor in Chief Chase Ledin takes a look at The Polyphony activities from 2023

The cover of 'Doing Dignity' by Christa Teston

Interrogating Medical Aid in Dying Rhetorics

Analysis of testimony at Medical Aid in Dying hearings challenges the ableist normalisation of authorised disposability of certain members of the population, says Christa Teston.

Logo for Black and Brown in Bioethics collective

Black and Brown in Bioethics

Matimba Swana, Kumeri Bandara and Harleen Kaur Johal reflect on postgraduate activism and advocacy in UK bioethics

A person lies reading on a sofa with their legs crossed, one of which is a prosthetic leg

Multilingual Literary and Cultural Disability Studies: Conference Review

Mona Baie reports from the conference ‘Literary and Cultural Disability Studies: British and Continental Perspectives’ (University of Fribourg, Switzerland).

Speculative Ethics: Rethinking Care for Other Possible Worlds

Nurse and sociologist Jamie Smith reflects on an event held by the Centre for Nursing Philosophy at UC Irvine on Speculative ethics and care

Two boys sit in the forest looking fondly at each other

Consent and Teenage Sexual Pleasure on Screen

Aneta Stępień and Máire Ní Mhórdha examine how popular TV shows can represent positive sexualities, effective communication, consent and respect

Surviving a metaphorical suffocation: Daisy Lafarge’s Life Without Air

Alba de Juan explores the intersection of climate anxiety, social breakdown, and the lyrical verse through Daisy Lafarge's poetry collection Life Without Air (2020).

Book Cover of Kathleen Watt's Rearranged featuring a cascading jigsaw of a partial face which disintegrates to pieces below the eye. Some pieces in the cascade are flipped to their reverse to reveal fragments of musical scores.

Rearranged: An Opera Singer’s Facial Cancer and Life Transposed Book Review

Sharrona Pearl reviews Rearranged: An Opera Singer’s Facial Cancer And Life Transposed by Kathleen Watt (Heliotrope Books, 2023).

Creative zine designed in response to LGLS archive

Speaking Out: Cataloguing the Lothian Gay and Lesbian Switchboard Archive

Louise Neilson details the launch of the Lothian Gay and Lesbian Switchboard Archive at Edinburgh University’s Lothian Health Services Archive