Mapping the Medical Legacies of British Colonialism

Reflecting on her recent fellowship at Art HX, researcher Shelley Angelie Saggar traces how objects and photographs recall the medical legacies of British colonialism, as well as her own family history.  

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Nature’s Medicine: Could Green Prescribing Shape the Future of our Health?

Shauna Walker contextualises the UK government's recent investment in 'green social prescribing.'

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From Menstruation to the Menopause: Book Review

Jemma Walton reviews From Menstruation to the Menopause: The Female Fertility Cycle in Contemporary Women’s Writing in French, by Maria Kathryn Tomlinson (Liverpool University Press, 2021).

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Sensitive Subjects Pt. 2: Creative Practice and Ethics in Times of Loss

Olivia Turner reflects on the Sensitive Subjects: Creative Practice and Ethics workshop she organised at Newcastle University, turning to issues around bereavement and grief.

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Recent Posts

Blood Bags craft project

Hematopolitics: Blood, Space and Time

Thomas Wadsworth reports on the Hematopolitics Symposium held at the University of Leeds in May 2022

Material Translation and Exclusion: Barad’s Entanglement and Post-Pandemic Medical Humanities

Monika Class reflects on some of the theoretical underpinnings of a post-pandemic, translational medical humanities and suggests that the concept of “material translation” might offer a productive way forward.

Seen and Unseen in Translational Medical Humanities

Brian Hurwitz and Magdalena Szpilman reflect on the seen and unseen dimensions of translation in the medical medical humanities. While Hurwitz examines the power of pretence in Classical medicine, Szpilman highlights the potency of the physician's visual scream in 1980s Poland and today.

“I shiver a little, I shudder a little”: Gist Translation and Uncanny Bodily Knowledges

Alison Phipps and Tawona Sithole share a poetic call and response between gist translations of the Carmina Gadelica (1900) and daré wisdom of Ndau traditions.

Finding “Small Health” in Lu Xun’s Translation Practices

Shijung Kim examines the intersection of medicine, fiction and translation in the work of renowned Chinese author and translator, Lu Xun.

Translating (with) the Non-Human: Health, Risks and Affect

Davina Höll and Nefise Kahraman consider the role of the non-human in a translational medical humanities.

Medical Humanities’ Translational Core: Remodelling the Field

Ahead of next week's Translation and Medical Humanities conference at the University of Oxford, Marta Arnaldi and Charles Forsdick launch the conference takeover by imagining medical humanities as a fundamentally translational field.

Kultúrorvostan: Medical Humanities in Hungary

Eszter Ureczky reflects on the growth of medical humanities in Hungary and points towards future areas of interest for the field.

The Tedium of Chronic Waiting: Delay, Temporality and Gender in Access to Healthcare in India

Sayendri Panchadhyayi discusses the relationship between waiting, gender and marginalisation in Indian healthcare provision.