Object Relations Podcast: Frantz Fanon and Black Consciousness

Samuel Kelly shares episode four of the four-part Object Relations podcast, on the philosopher, psychiatrist and revolutionary Frantz Fanon.

Listen to episode one, episode two and episode three.

Object Relations is a series of discussions about the relationship between politics and the psyche produced in collaboration with Red Medicine and The Polyphony.

Taking its name from the psychoanalyst Melanie Klein’s theory of how psyches develop in relationship to one another, this series will explore some questions about the politics of psychotherapy, psychiatry and psychoanalysis.

In the final episode writer Lewis R. Gordon discusses the philosopher, psychiatrist and revolutionary Frantz Fanon as well as his own work on Black consciousness. Specifically, Gordon reflects on his own introduction to Fanon and how it shaped his politics, with regard to race and medicine.

Lewis R. Gordon is a philosopher, educator, public intellectual and the author of numerous books on topics including existentialism, phenomenology and postcolonial theory. His most recent book The Fear of Black Consciousness was published earlier this year by Penguin and Macmillan.

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