‘Hmmm… first thing, let’s get you on a diet’ – A Comic

As a mid-week treat, Barry Deutsch lightens the mood, and prepares us for the series’ closing pieces on “Creating a Big Fat Medical Utopia”. The comic illustrates the absurdity of fat bias in healthcare, and captures the frustration of negative medical encounters.



About the Artist

Barry Deutsch draws political cartoons. With Becky Hawkins, he co-creates the award-winning webcomic SuperButch, about a 1940s lesbian superhero protecting gay bars from corrupt cops. He also created the also award-winning Hereville graphic novel series, about “yet another 11-year-old troll-fighting Orthodox Jewish girl,” and is part of the team adapting the Wings of Fire novels into comics. Barry lives in a bright blue house with bright pink trim in Portland, Oregon, and is probably listening to the cast album of a musical right now.


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