Modernism and Madness: Louis Sass and Patricia Waugh in Conversation

Modernism and Madness: A Conversation is an edited transcript of the public conversation that took place between Professors Louis Sass and Patricia Waugh at the “Twenty-Five Years of Madness and Modernism” symposium, held on 11 May 2018 at Durham University. Sparkling with the intellectual energy for which both scholars are renown, Sass and Waugh’s discussion ranges from metafiction and hyper-reflexivity, to creativity and surrealism, to the emergence of modernism and the politics of madness.

Modernism and Madness was transcribed by Jo Porter, edited by John Foxwell, Louis Sass and Patricia Waugh and designed by Rebecca Doggwiler. The symposium was organised by Angela Woods, reviewed by James Whitehead here, and supported by Hearing the Voice and the Institute for Medical Humanities, both funded by the Wellcome Trust.

A limited number of hardcopies of this publication are available. To request one, please email Rebecca Doggwiler.  

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