Farewell and Thank You to CMH Reviews Editor Ben Kasstan

Angela Woods writes: As long-term subscribers will know, the intellectual currents of the Centre for Medical Humanities blog have ebbed and flowed since its foundation in 2010. While it has not always been possible to realise the full potential of this site in serving and stimulating the amazing community of scholars, practitioners and publics engaged in medical humanities conversations, soliciting, publishing and promoting high quality book reviews has been a constant since 2013. And that is down to the work of one whip-smart, dynamic and frankly delightful individual: Ben Kasstan. Ben took on the role of CMH reviews editor while completing his PhD in anthropology at Durham University and worked with us until taking up a new postdoctoral position at Sussex. In the last five years he published over one hundred reviews and a special collection on pain in the medical humanities. Doubtless agonising over the choice, he selected these as his three favourites:

Ben, on behalf of all the authors, reviewers and readers who have benefited from your hard work and exceptional editorial nous: thank you!

2 thoughts on “Farewell and Thank You to CMH Reviews Editor Ben Kasstan

  1. We miss Ben’s presence, enthusiasm and intellectual engagement with the field. Keep visiting us Ben and thanks for everything.

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