“Devouring Brains with Neuroscientists”: Liat Clark in WiredUK on Guerrilla Science’s “Brain Banquet” (London, 13–15 March 2014)

Journalist Liat Clark has reflected on the process of “devouring brains with neuroscientists” in WiredUK. As this blog reported previously, Guerrilla Science is throwing a “Brain Banquet” in London on 13–15 March 2014 — a “unique pop-up dining experience in a World War Two bunker in East London”. CMH staff member Dr Felicity Callard and neuroscientific collaborator Dr Daniel Margulies will be two of the researchers speaking at the Banquet.

Guerrilla Science threw a press launch for a select group of journalists on 25 February 2014 — during which all present were able to savour the exquisite culinary skills of Blanch & Shock, and engage with the fascinating work that charity Headway East London does to support people with brain injuries. Felicity and Daniel will be reporting back in the next couple of weeks on the full Brain Banquet bunker experience.


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