Birthing Babies Together – A documentary aimed at finding common ground between all healthcare workers involved in obstetrical care

Danielle Lewis, Bailey Adams and Katie Stringer write: We wanted to share a medical student initiative with you call “Birthing Babies Together.”

We are a group of three medical students from the University of Alberta creating an educational documentary.  We felt there was a need for more exposure to “normal birth & early neonatal life” in our medical studies. We’ve also realized that we had very limited exposure to what our non physician colleagues do in the world of maternal care provision, so we’ve set out to create a documentary that can be used as an educational tool for our classmates and colleagues. We’ll also be releasing this film to the public in November 2012.

Our project is aimed at finding common ground between all healthcare workers involved in maternity care with a discussion around the various birthing options and care providers available to birthing families. We’re striving to promote the importance of interprofessional collaborative care when providing effective women-centered and family centered care. We’ve filmed interviews with a wide range of individuals including nurses, physicians, midwives, doulas, birthing families and health care students.

You can see our trailers for the project on our indiegogo page here and check out our website to learn more about our project goals. We can be contacted via email.  Please help keep the momentum of our project going by sharing our links via email, facebook, twitter and word of mouth! Donations can be made directly on our indiegogo trailer page but if you’d prefer to receive a charitable tax receipt, please visit

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